Monday, May 27, 2013


So I saw on Twitter that food truck shows up at Whole Foods at Bellaire, I have to go check them out.
Today's choice was Chi'Lantro (from Austin).  Since I haven't tried them before, I am hungry enough to give them a shot.
You can see they are a Korean/Mexican fusion, the menu is: Taco, Kimchi Fries, Burritos, Quesadillas, Bowls, Hamburger, Fries.
Here we have the spicy fries, it's definitely spicy, because you see they have alot of spices on it.  They give you this 'magic' sauce, which taste a little like mayo mixed with something spicy....
This is their Pork Quesadilla, with bulgogi pork, of course.  I love it because the mix with the cheese, of course, it has kimchi inside to spice things up too.

I find it interesting that this is at least the 3rd Korean/Mexican fusion mix.  Do we really have the population for 3 similar food truck?  Between OhMyGogi, Coreanos, and now Chi'Lantros, not to mention the brick and mortar of Kobecue, does Houston have enough people who are willing to try it, love, and sustain it?  Now mind you, two of the four aforementioned are implants from Austin.  So, not only are the Houstonians compete against each other, they also have to compete with Austinites investing/invading this city.  

How does it measure?  I like their food, just because I appreciate the cross cultural fusion.  Does it stand out?  I think it stand shoulder to shoulder to the others.  OMG will always have a spot in my heart and any Korean/Mexican fusion, I find myself measuring it against them.  I will say that Chi'Lantros can throw in a bit more spice on the kimchi, but it's not bad and the staff are vibrant and great!


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