Monday, November 30, 2015

Kata Robata

As weather turn cool, you know Ramen is the key to warm your belly.
You want quality, you go to Kata, of course.
For a small appetizer: I had unagi sushi and chopped scallop sushi... ahhh, so good.  But cannot fill up, more to come.
Spicy Soy Ramen, there's the soft boiled egg, ground meat, seaweed, sprout, ginger, basil.  I made the mistake of mixing it as soon as I got it, instead of removing the ginger.  Nothing against it, just never been a fan, even eating sushi.  Anyway, those darn things are so small that easily mix in with noodles, and I do mean every bite.  Aside from that, it's not really spicy until after you finished, and you feel the heat after.  Overall, I am still partial to Oxtail or the Tonkontsu.  But, for a cool, gloomy day, this did the trick!

Kata Robata
3600 Kirby Ave #H
Houston, TX 77098

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