Monday, November 9, 2015


Was at a dinner for work, and we ended up at Masraff's.
I'm usually there for happy hour, so it's weird to have dinner there.  Doesn't mean anything about their food, just the timing.  Usually a quick drink before sitting in the traffic. 
For the appetizer, our host ordered something off menu, seared tuna, crab cake, and lamb chop.  To my surprise, the tuna was good.  Also to my surprise, the crab cake was not as good as I'd hope.  Meanwhile, I already knew the lamb chop would be great.
For the entree, everyone around me got seafood of sort, and I got the duck instead.  It's duck breast on top of a bed of purple rice with cherries gastrique with win.  Personally, it's a tad rich for my taste, so I mostly ate the duck and left the big bed of purple rice on the plate. 
Since dessert was encouraged and I never turn down a dessert.  Here's a Pear Brulee.  Really, it's half a pear, with vanilla creme and brulee the top.  It was delicious, not super sugary which was a delight after a high protein meal.  And the sauce was very complimentary.  I was just overall surprised by this dessert altogether.  I totally would recommend this or order this again.

Since we ate early, the service was superb.  As the night goes on, you see alot of business people come here for a meal.  They have several private meeting rooms, which are almost always occupied.  Even the owner stopped by to check in on us.  Talk about wanting an excellent experience for the diners.

1753 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

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