Monday, November 23, 2015

Epicure Cafe

Was running errands in the River Oaks area, decided to stop in to Epicure Cafe for breakfast. 
I always enjoyed their berry lemonade, no matter summer or not.  Though, before this cold front, any lemonade seems to be appropriate. And you can drink the pulp in every sip.
Luckily, while you wait, they give you a few pieces of toasts.  This day they were particularly slow, so needless to say, I noshed all of them.
I ordered the Cinnamon French Toast.  I was not too happy that for this they took that long.  Clearly, something must've gone awry in the kitchen that day.  The Cinnamon looks like someone had unscrew the bottle and the cinnamon fell out of the bottle.  If it's not because I was super hungry, I would've have eaten it.  I ended up scraping alot of it off.  The strawberry, I have to say, they cooked it a little, so the juices came out nice and pretty, made the raw parts tastes good even.  It doesn't make up for the bad experience, but helped a little.

Epicure Cafe
2005 West Gray Street
Houston, TX 77019

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