Monday, November 2, 2015

Class 502

So was desperate for something to drink, and underneath the staircase was this place.
I got the Oolong Tea Latte with Boba.  Lucky for me, there was a special running at the time, where you get 2 for 1.  That was very cool surprise.
I liked their decor, they have all these vintage-y movie posters.
Even the ordering counter is like a teacher's podium and the tables are desks.  Now, not as cool as Bernie's desks, but it is very kitchy.  Even the employees have 'school uniform' for behind the counter.
Their menu is a school chalkboard.  They have a few 'class rules', like buy at least a drink, free wifi, boys need to go talk to girls...etc, you know rules like that.
La piece de resistance, the Superman art done by Post-It.  Pretty cool!  Going back for their Thick Toast dessert and Shaved ice.

They just opened in the beginning of October, so they are running alot of specials like if you take a self with their drink or with their logo you get something.  Go check them out.

Class 502
9889 Bellaire Blve
Houston, TX 

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