Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Relish Fine Foods

Been driving pass Relish food for a while, have always been curious about their food.
Finally got a chance to go check them out...
Got a very refreshing Arnold Palmer to go... pretty yummy.
I got the turkey melt panini.  Basically in terms of hot sandwich, they are limited.  But it doesn't taste bad as far as sandwiches goes.
However, I was mostly drooling over their pastry case.  They got alot of very yummy looking desserts.  I only got the thumbprint cookie with apricot jam, it's good, not too sweet or sugary.  

Overall, their thing is really prepared food for you to take away, much like Whole Foods and Central Market style.  While I haven't tasted it, it must be decent because they've been in business for quite some time.  That said, I did ask how big the salads are, they told me that it fills the box.  Maybe I'll try that next time.  Also wish they have more gluten free options, it's almost an accident that they have vegetarian options.

They do have nice seatings for you to eat there, but since most of their food require heating up, not sure if you can do that.  They do serve espresso drinks, but then again, they don't open until 8am.  How would caffeine addicts get their dose before punching in at work?

Relish Fine Foods
3951 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77027

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