Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chefs in the Sky - Part 3

After Part 1 & Part 2, today is the finale of the series.
Here we have Chef Eric Aldis from Marque, which is a members only club.  They brought pork belly and salmon sous vide for 48hrs.  Maybe because my salmon was cold, and I can't really take the full benefit of the flavors, but my friend swore it's the best salmon ever.  I, however, liked the pork belly alot.  And definitely go back for more.
Last of the savory is from Roost.  It's been a long while since I've been there.  Not because I don't like their food.  Just that alot more hipsters showed up and making the true food appreciators, harder to get in.  

The duck taco is definitely unlike any dishes in the room.  I liked the duck taco, that's not something you get everyday.  On top of that, the persimmon salsa is not something you have everyday either.  It does have a tad of spiciness in there, and the duck meat is not dried out.  So, in my book, you didn't ruin the duck, you did a good job.
Here comes the dessert.  First up: from Peska
Pumpkin mousse cheesecake with edible flowers, ice cream (not shown but eaten), and coffee sauce.  The pumpkin mousse was great, the ice cream was great, the coffee sauce was great.  The edible flowers were pretty but not really value added.  The cake of the cheesecake combo was extra stiff, made cutting into difficult, not to mention, it was hard to chew.  Hmm... that was disappointing.
From Pour Society's Kelsey Hawkins made the chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, that has bits of prickly pear, and candied (possibly golden) pistachio, with a nice piece of chocolate to top.
Closer look but not better photo, sorry.  The chocolate on top, at first I thought was a pieces of truffle, but it's a nice piece of chocolate.  The ganache sauce was awesome, it might be rich for alot of consumers, but whole thing together was delectable.  I would say that they peaked my interest that I will probably go check them out on a normal day and see what else their menu have to offer.

Overall, this dinner was more like a tasting of various vendors than like the past Lucky Dog dinners, where they were seated and courses were served.  That said, after one year having mostly desserts, that was a taste and walk style, and seemed appropriate, I'm thinking they've switched to tasting style so you don't have to find a space for all these tables, linens, plates and servers.  I liked that all these vendors either I wouldn't have known to go to their restaurants or know what they offer.  So, it's nice to have one place to check them all out.  Of course, the venue is nice too.  No complaint about the view.  

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