Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chefs in the Sky - Part 1

It's been a good 4 years or so, since I've been to a Lucky Dog Rescue fundraiser.
 This time is at the Skyhouse River Oaks, thus theme.
 Nice beer booth at the event.
 Got the Goliad Golden Ale.  Not much of the dark beer drinker, so I was glad to see an Ale around.  Goliad, TX is south west of Victoria.  And from speaking with the rep, the brewmaster created these beer with food in mind.
 That ale goes impeccably well with the Banh Mi.  According to Chef Jonathan, he had marinated the meat for 2 days and he marinated in marsala instead of garlic powder and ground pepper.  The result is that it comes out with a tad of spiciness afterwards and pair with the beer, it's a great match.
 Roast Turkey Meatball by Ruth Lipsky of Stick It Foodtruck.  It has Mashed New Potato, green beans and bacon dressing, and fancy gravy.  Not bad, I liked the potato, the rest seems to be a normal dish that you can find at any dinner.
 Then we have a bit of New Orleans by Dean Bolenes of A La Carte Catering.
 Closer look, we have: a spoonful of gumbo, which is good but too bad it was cold by the time I got to it.  And the yummy pancetta with pear.  How brilliant!  Using prosciutto as the plate and boy was it yummy!  The goat cheese pair with the pear is refreshing and add the prosciutto it was divine.  So good that I went back for it twice.

Rest of the week, I'll show you what else we got.  Should you be interested in helping Lucky Dog Rescue or any the upcoming event.  Go to: http://www.luckyrescue.org/

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