Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Borgo Food Station

Been driving by Borgo Food Station almost daily, and was excitingly anticipate their opening.
In talking to one of the owners, he said the the word Borgo means that back in the olden days in Europe, each town that is surrounded by the city walls and that is called a Borgo.  So Borgo Food station really means, in this part of town and it's food provider.
You have a variety of prepared foods here, for lunch or dinner, you're all set here.  They have pasta, big dishes, beef, chicken, fish... etc.
They are literally a true grab and go.  I just love their mason jars of meatballs.  Gotta try that some time.  
For breakfast, they have breakfast croissants or ciabatta, muffins and palmiers.  
My Favorite: Aguita.  They have different kinds of infused water.  This is strawberry with basil.  Super refreshing!

I just love how everything is made in house.  You can tell there's a lot of heart went in to the place.  As Luis to make you a cappuccino, he loves to use the espresso machine and always asking if you want coffee.  At the beginning, there were some staff training issues, but as everything slowly coming together, I see that they definitely be a great stop for quick, good, quality food.  

Borgo Food Station
3641 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77027

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