Monday, March 7, 2016

Simply Pho

Back in Houston, was craving for some good o' fashion pho!
I have yet to have decent che 3 mau, which is a special 3 colored dessert drink.  The bottom is mung beans, adzuki bean, and pandan grass jelly.  Then topped with crushed ice and coconut milk.  So far, people either had too much dried portion, and not enough wet portions or too much ice and it overflows when you try to mix it all up.
The pho itself is pretty decent.  Not too heavy on the bone marrow soup, I think I wouldn't have minded if it's a tad more on the flavor.  The meat is fresh, and the noodles is cooked just right.  I just hope that they had more noodles.  It was decent, probably would've liked more of it.  Hee hee.

Simply Pho
2929 Milam Street
Houston, TX 77006

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