Monday, March 21, 2016


Gosh, it's been so long since I've been back to Fadi's.  
They are truly a Houston Institution.  They have food that's is healthy and fitting to almost all diets.  
You have all sorts of veggies, dips and meats.
Talk about vegetables made in various style that gives you flavors from all sides.  YUM!
Ok, ok.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach that say, I had to take some of that home.  I got a side of Dolma, they were a tad more lemony and zingy that I like.  I think when it comes to those I like either Chatter's or Niko Niko's.  Then for my main dish, I had lamb, they are so delicious and so beautifully made where you stick a fork in it and the meat just literally falls off the bone.  Then, some tabouli, some potato salad, and cabbage roll.  Like I said, my eyes were bigger than my stomach because what's not pictured was a mango lassi, which also very filling.  Had to take food home.  The cabbage roll has meat and couscous inside.  I mostly like the sauce it comes with, but I was already very full, just had to stop myself.

I haven't been back since they've renovated.  I would've liked it how they had the flow before.  Granted, they have more kitchen space now, as well as more food choices to provide customers, but the flow to the line was awkward, you may be extended to one part of the dining room, which is practically on top of someone's table.  Then the dining area across from the food line has this awkward columns ideally for you to have some semi-private feel, but it's taken up more room than it's worth.  The main dining room tried to squeezed in as many tables as possible, you have to be very careful with your trays so you won't have your food land on someone else's head.  Basically the lay out was awkward.  Food still good, maybe another location?

Fadi's Mediterranean Grill 
4738 Beechnut St
Houston, TX 77096

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