Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flo Paris

My friend who's now out of town now, was recommending Flo Paris.  I had seen it on Yelp, but never had a chance to go check it out.  Since she suggested it, it gave me a perfect excuse.
Situated in the corner of the shopping center on Wertheimer & Bering.  You can't really miss it.
Inside the decor reminds you to be very French.  From the mini market of all sorts of goodies ranged from olive oil to jam, to pasta, to coffee, to canned goods from France.
Of course, you have to walk past this beautiful display of bread, croissants, they have many kinds to choose from.  Wow!
Not to mention the lovely desserts all lined up row by row.  If you can't taste it all, your eye can feast on them all they want.  All the bread and dessert are made in house.
Order a Cappuccino, you really feel like you did it at the coffee bar in France.  The only thing is missing is cigarette smoke and sitting outside to people watch.
My friend got the Nutella & Strawberry.  It looked good.
I got the Strawberry Jam & Banana.  It was a tad sweeter than I like. I felt like going straight to sugar coma without passing Go or collecting the $200.  Doesn't mean it's not good, just my poor choice.  I think next time, I'll stick with what I know works instead of trying something I didn't know how it'll turn out.  Thought I was being adventurous.  

It was kinda sweet, the entire place is ran by the family.  From the chef, to cashier, to runner, all are family members.  On our way out, we got some pastries to go, and our guy was so nice to even suggest to put it in the oven for a little to warm it up to get the optimal taste.  That's just so nice!  C'est si bon.  

Flo Paris
5757 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX

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