Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Willie G's Happy Hour

Was meeting a friend for her birthday happy hour.
It definitely has been a while since I was last there.  They changed up their Happy Hour menu quite a bit.  The prices too.  
Got my Midori Sour.  While I tasted the liquor, I was able to do 3 rounds and still not effected.  I'm usually 2 drinks max, but if I wasn't feeling it, I wonder how much alcohol vs. sweet and sour was in my drink.  It was a tad weak.
 Under advisement or strong recommendation, we got the deviled eggs.  It was not the deviled eggs I had pictured, but better.  The only thing was that there was a slice of pepper, I wasn't expecting that.  The yummy part was the top, where they had a fried piece of shrimp that is nice and crunchy, topped with this tomato jam, delish!
 The next bar fav was the Drummies.  It has chipotle BBQ Sauce with some blue cheese on top.  The bottom has cole slaw to balance out the thick sauce.  I felt better having some veggie in the mix.
This is fries with fried zucchini.  The zucchini has a little zest to them but I can definitely tasted the parmesan in there.  YUM! 
Of course, we cannot not order the shrimp. It's not on the Happy Hour menu, but they were doing it for us.  Ask your server nicely, they'll be happy to order it for you.   They are fresh, not fishy smell at all.  The sauce has a bunch of pepper in it, so super spicy, but eating it with the lemon juice is great too.  Definitely going back for the shrimp.  And next time, the Sammies!

I will say, their service is top notch.  They checked on us, but not hovering.  The nights when they block part of the bar, however, was a tad tough to get seats, they are hot commodities but Happy Hour goers don't mind it, since every server there are super friendly and aimed to pleased.

Willie G's
1605 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

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