Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Went to Osaka while the little one was napping. 
 I always liked to sit at the bar and chat with the sushi chef.  I secretly thinks that I get better service there too.
 You get all sorts of freebie before your food get there.  You get the stuffed bell pepper.  It has a shrimp mix, tempura-ed and has the sweet sauce.  Nice and crunchy.
You also get 2 pieces of shumai, it is definitely from frozen, you can taste the difference.
 The sushi chef had taken such good care of making the roll, though I'd have to take a picture to show it.
 Close up, just love the cucumber flower.  This is a spicy salmon with lobster topped with tuna and tobiko and spicy mayo.  It was definitely worth it.
 I got unagi & chopped scallop.  I love the smell of unagi, so nice and yummy. 
Before you go, they give you some ice cream to send you on your way.  I got red bean ice cream and a small slice of fried banana.  So yummy, just need some honey to go with it.

I think they raised their price since I've been there last.  I understand they have to keep up with the price, and to me, the roll with as much ingredients, is worth the price.  The nigri, however, for the price like Kata's, I expected fresher fish.  Though, it's definitely times better than bad sushi I've had.

4001 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025

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