Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It's been a while since I've been back to Coppa.  
Can't believe the last time I was there was last summer... that was a while back.
Beautiful day for an Arnold Palmer, I just like how the 2 liquid suspends.  Kinda neat, and refreshing too.
Barrata was a new find from HRW last time I was there.  It was so delicious that I can mop up that sauce with anything.  For those who are not familiar, this is essentially a fried ball of risotto.  But for whatever reason, it taste more like potato than risotto to me.  Then they add this delicious marinara sauce with tons of parmesan.  Delicious.  If you are so adventurous, there's a copy cat recipe here.  Otherwise, having them make it is of course the best.
The whole reason for coming here... Rigatoni.  I love the salty flavor of the prosciutto mix with the parmesan cream.  This time however, the parmesan wasn't as flavorful as it was in the past.  This time it was just sauce.  That said, if you want to substitute the pasta with gluten free pasta, they do have an option for that.

Service is always great at Coppa.  The parking is not bad, you can find a free parking down the street, make sure you look at the posted signs.  The side of the building has some meter parking.  Or, if you part at the building with the residents, behind Cloud 10, the parking is usually a dollar for an hour.  Of course, valet is always ready for you.

Coppa Osteria
5210 Morningside Dr
Houston, TX 77005

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