Thursday, January 14, 2016

Toni Rivard macaron

When we were walking around Northpark Mall, we were checking out the ducks and the turtles.  Yes, they do have indoor ducks and turtles living inside the mall.  I looked up and saw this!
Macarons?  Yes, please!!!
I was kinda disappointed that with big word like Macarons prominently displayed on the background, I'd expected tons of macarons.  Sadly, that day, all we saw was one kind of macaron, and various types of cakeballs.  I know they have Whoopie Pies too, but didn't see anything else.  

That said, the macaron was good, fresh, did not seem like it'll crack in first bite, so I decided to buy a couple.  Turns out, they are huge compare to most macs we've had.  For $2 a piece, I guess it's ok.  Wish they had more flavors next time.

Toni Rivard
8687 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75206

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