Monday, January 11, 2016

Origin Kitchen & Bar

So, we were in Dallas and David's friends were recommending Origin.
This is a super family friendly restaurant, so with little ones, you can get them some healthy food and you can also get some decent food yourself.
Yep, we feed our child fries.  It's not too salty, and little one gobbled them up.
I got the Cornish Game Hen, not too gamey.  The bottom has rice, lentil, almond, raisins and these little sprouts.  Frankly, I love the hen alot, it's not too dry, skin is a bit crispy but not liked fried or anything.  The rice mix, however, not so much.  It was super dried.  I liked the almond and raisins put in there, but the entire mix was dried.  I basically just had the hen and gave up on the bottom part.
Was talked into the dessert.  When our server was telling us about a fruit infused custard, we didn't quite know what that meant, until we got it.  It has the fruit paste in the custard and they still put that sugar for you to crack on top, but they also have the same fruit paste as well.  So, when you dig in, you get the fruit paste on top, sugar, custard, and fruit in one bite.  It's nice, unusual, but nice.  Not too sugary.

Parking is plenty, depends on the hour, you may have to fight parking with the nearby shops or restaurant, but it's not horrible.  Easy to get to, definitely go back!

Origin Kitchen & Bar
4438 McKinney Ave
Ste 150
Houston, TX 75205

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