Monday, January 18, 2016


Julia & I had a Mommies Night Out, and we picked Oka.
It is situated next to Caracol.  You can self park at the garage and they will validate for you.
Sorry for the sideway picture.  We got Edamame with Garlic Chili, which for a weakling like me, it was spicy just enough.  I was craving for vegetable tempura, so ordered one of those too.
Heard alot of great things about the Tuna Tower, came with yucca chips.
It has a layer of crabmeat, avocado, massago, spicy tuna, and a quail egg with caviar.  The mix is actually very delicious.  You do need to mix the egg yolk through and through though.
This is the Mango Sake, it's slices of salmon wrapped the thinly sliced mango, topped with caviar and little bit of oil for taste.  Pretty good, but definitely not filling, need more!
Also heard alot about their wagyu, the piece I got, unfortunately was a bit too chewy, which was unusual.  Luckily, the manager on duty, Linh, saw that and corrected the situation promptly.
We also ordered the miso pork belly with the steamed buns and plum sauce.  I felt like I'm eating duck with those assortments, but the pork belly by itself is super delicious.  Which they were thicker slices.  YUM!
I heard great things about their uni, and curious about the quail egg and scallop, so I ordered away!  The uni was surprisingly fresh, and I was so happy to have eaten that, wish it's not so expensive and order more.  The quail egg on top of chopped scallop was unique, but didn't do anything for me.  
This is what the manager did for us to make up for the chewy wagyu.  But this is no simple unagi.  There is a small piece of fois gras on top of the unagi with truffle oil.  Boy, was it delicious.  Granted, you put the right amount of truffle oil on anything, I would eat it, and lick the plate.  YUM!  Now, I really wished that I ordered the fois gras.
To end the night, we got a green tea cheesecake, that came with a dollop of whip cream and ice cream and fruit compote.  I will say that the cake was a little dry, and the ice cream and whip cream was needed to balance things out.  

Overall, our dining experience weren't bad at Oka.  I do worry that they don't generate enough to stay in business.  We were there during Happy Hour (which is 3-6 Monday - Friday), and hardly anyone was taking advantage of it.  Most of our dishes were at discount, and they are not bad at all.  The service is excellent, they are not over crowding you, and still making sure we are doing ok.  The manager is a foodie type of guy, and so he was excited to do pairing of sorts.  So, next time, definitely check with him before ordering.

From what I understand the owner is very particular with the quality of food, the decor, and wanted to wait for the sign put up on the building before promoting.  Now that they're ready, they need more people to stop in and take advantage of the deals and the fresh food they have to offer here.  Like I was mentioned before, you can self park in the garage and remember to bring your ticket.  They will be glad to validate.  Just hope that they kept going.

Oka Uptown
2200 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

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