Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Company Cafe

Another place we went to in Dallas was Company Cafe. 
The look and feel was entirely different than the last time we went.  Well, duh, they moved down the street as opposed to the original cafe area.  No wonder.  Service and food, however, has not changed, but I love the extra parking in the back of the building very much.
I got the BBQ pork sandwich on gluten free buns.  Look like they made their pickles, they're nice and crispy.  The BBQ sauce is nice and sweet.  I will say though, towards the end, I was frustrated with the bun and just ate the pulled pork by itself, which is just as good.

My dad got the fish and chips and are very decent.  Not too greasy and fish is not full of batter.  Saturday brunch was easy to get a seat, we tried to go back on Sunday for brunch, however, no such luck.  It was packed with people with at least 40 mins wait.  So, plan early kids.

Company Cafe
2104 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206

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