Monday, January 25, 2016

Craft Burger Tasting event

I was invited to Craft Burger's Tasting event.
Check out their spiffy new truck.
Fully functioning and looks street ready.
They hosted a friends and family tasting, and everyone is taking advantage of the great deal.  Look at that spread!
 I got the Lamb Poutine.  Lamb gravy over hand cut fries with cheese curds with scallions.  Oh my goodness, it was soooooo good.  I cannot express how good they are in words, but it'd be a shame if you don't order it.  The lamb meat is fall off the fork good, and the 'gravy' wasn't took wet, and it's just right.  I liked the cheese ok, but I like the meat much much more.
 I liked the burger ok, not as much as the lamb poutine.  But there's something special about the burger.  Besides the meat quality, but there was something hidden in there.  Ready for it?!  It's the Smoked Tomato Jam.  You can really tasted it in the lettuce.  I know it sounds crazy, but how I tasted the lettuce from the meat, the cheese, and the fresh tomato, beats me.  But that is how the jam stood out.
 Last but not least, I got the milkshake.  This time I got the Banana Foster.  The milkshake really made you feel like you have fresh banana, there's some caramel in there, but not overpowering.  It is just right.

You can tell that they thought everything thru before putting it on the menu.  Chef Shannen & Shadi both not only put thoughts and tested everything and made sure that they top grade before sharing.  Let me tell you, though, their hard work is paying off.  Now, just need to follow them around town and see it for yourself. Follow them on their site.

Craft Burger

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