Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ranch 99 Dim Sum

While we were in Dallas, we had to grab a quick breakfast, and the only thing that opens and no wait was Ranch 99, yes the supermarket.
Here,  in clockwise, we have turnip cake, chicken sticky rice wrapped in leaves, shu mai & har gow, and steam ribs.  Not pictured: steamed soy milk and congee.
You can see how much meat and rice wrapped up in a pouch.  

They have the counter by the side, and besides dim sum, they also have noodles and rice dishes too.  All for very reasonable price.  Not to mention they are open early, it tastes good too.  

It's a very surreal thing, since I grew up in that part of Dallas.  Back then, it was mostly fields, literally, and where this Ranch 99 was located, it was an Albertson back in the early 90s, which sad to say, it's been 20 years ago.  Now, it's a mini Chinatown, an extension of the one in Richardson.  Apparently since Albertson closed the store, the rest of the stores in the strip center pulled out as well.  Luckily, an anchor store like Ranch 99 went in, which brought in other Chinese restaurants and stores.  

Ranch 99
131 Spring Creek Parkway
Plano, TX 75023

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