Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello Kitty Cafe - macarons

So, I was at Hello Kitty Con...
which was a celebration of Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary.  
This is one of the promos for their upcoming Hello Kitty Cafe.
Look at their special touch... bow window!
You get 5 macarons for $15.
My box been thru a full day of Con, flight back, and in the fridge for a day...
You can see they have added bows on the macs, and it's easier to have edible stickers to add on top of them.  To guess the flavors of these macs, I would say there's Citrus, Rose, Vanilla, Raspberry, and best guess tea???  Well, overall, as a mac, it's cute and gimmicky, but not the best mac I've ever had.  Though, they know that Hello Kitty will sell no matter what, so we'll chalk it up as an experience.

Hello Kitty Cafe
Los Angeles

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