Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kaba Robata

A friend in LA came to meet me, and both of us have never been to this place, thought we'd give it a try.
The place is supposedly known for robata, but it's relatively new, supposedly opened for couple of months.
They do use the most up-to-date technology at each table.  You can scroll thru their menu set up at each categories, and you can even place your order via the system.  I will say though, it does time itself out sometimes.
Complementary edamame.
Carpaccio yellowtail, amazingly it's pretty good.
Pork teriyaki, which is much more like shachu wrapped with seaweed and doused with teriyaki sauce.
We ordered chicken karaage but strangely, it came with salad with ranch dressing.
This is a weird mix of sauces they gave us.  It's pesto on the left, masuda sauce, and mango salsa.  I never heard of the masuda sauce before, but it's like sweet soy sauce that's nice and thick, perfect for meat...
Spicy tuna roll
Rainbow roll
Assorted skewers: salmon, shrimp, chicken meatball, ribeye, mushroom, and asparagus.  We love the mushroom, the salmon wasn't at all what we expected.  The meatball was good, and the asparagus is not all that cracked up to be.
To end our meal, we were given complementary green tea ice cream.  

The place has tons of wires everywhere to support these ipads on each table.  The serving team is young, but the owners are friendly and they are very quick to correct any issues.  The skewers weren't as good as the sashimi but I appreciated their efforts.  Hope they will can keep going and keep improving.

Kaba Robata
141 S. Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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