Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Suehiro Cafe

Since there were tons of people in Little Tokyo (LA), we went for a quick bite right along 1st Street.
Of course, later we found out that they are known for their soba noodles, but that's not what we ordered...
I was craving for some tofu... so agedashi tofu it is... I miss the shaved fish bits on top... those are usually the best part between the soaked fried tofu and the ponzu sauce.
This is Shoyu Ramen.  The noodles is just normal egg noodles and you know they don't have the capacity to make their own.  The soup is a clear broth (veggie/chicken/beef/or pork broth), but I will say it worked well with the pork.  The egg wasn't the 60 degree egg but for show, they did it all.  So Shoyu got very little rep out there, the soup is soy sauce based, I've seen some recipe that has used sake with the soup which is cooked for 48 hrs. It does have a little tang with the salty, maybe that's why the dish as a whole worked.

It is a small place.  But it does have a true mom and pop feel.  They do open till 1am in the morning during the weekday and 3am on the weekends.  And they also do a Okonomi Plate for $12, where you get to pick from 3 columns and it comes with rice and soup just in case you cannot make up your minds.

Suehiro Cafe
337 E. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-9132

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