Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lette Macarons

When I was walking around Little Toyko, came across Lette Macaron.
The cute macaron shop is super cute and fitting in the area.
Cute Halloween Tree
Hip decore with their boxes.
Lots of fresh macs
Loved the chic packaging
All lined up lovely and perfectly.
Or if you get the individual mac, you get the cute sticker.
We have Pistachio, Caribbean Chocolate, Rose, Earl Grey, Cassis, Colombia Coffee

Everything is lovely and it's fresh, all the shells survived the trip back home safely, so it is definitely testament that they made everything fresh.  The fillings are well done, and none are too sweet.  I would even dare say perfect balance.  You don't feel like you got ran over by a sugar truck, and you know there's alot of sugar into making this.  I would love to go back and visit.

107 Japanese Village Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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