Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Frying Fish

After a long morning of convention, we went to find sushi... and came upon Frying Fish.
Frying Fish is the only one I know that does the surveyor belt sushi... Turns out there's another one on the other side of the promenade.  This one has been there the longest, however. 
Ran by a true mom and pop couple, and I believe the chef's mother, this place is small, which is just perfect for the old lady to hang out and the daughter-in-law to run and serve everyone and the son make the sushi.
Curious that on the belt were hardly sushi, but tons of snacks.... such as the seaweed salad.
Squid salad... there were ginger, which I'm not a huge fan.
Salmon sushi, which we had to order since no sushi were on the belt.
Hamachi sushi...
Unagi sushi...
Masago sushi... we were expecting larger caviar.
Special order of Uni
Scallop roll, I had meant for it to be nigiri, but they do fill it with decent pieces of scallops.

First of all, the whole thing about ordering the sushi instead of waiting of the belt kinda defeats the purpose of the idea of sushi on belt.  I do understand the owners were trying to make sure they don't waste anything, but there were a steady stream of customers that day because of the convention.  So, they should be more flexible and adjust the food as they have clients.  That said, the fish is fresh and you know they are getting good, quality rice too, the only thing that we would complain about would be the seaweed which was a bit soggy.

Frying Fish
120 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA

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