Monday, November 17, 2014

Singapore's Banana Leaf

One of my favorite haunts in LA is the Original Farmer's Market
Singapore's Banana Leaf, I love how the owner of the place is so friendly and he knows no stranger, which makes this a very fun place to go, and of course the food is good to boot.
I had the Mee Goreng with chicken and egg on top and of course Chendol.
This is stir fry noodles with satay and Indonesian peanut sauce.  Basically, this is fried noodles Malay style, with an egg on top.  And Satay is also very Malay too.  The sauce is the spicy kind, but it does go well with everything.  If I have some roti, I would just soak it all up.
Chendol is one of my favorite childhood drinks.  It's mostly coconut milk, shaved ice, pandan flavored tapioca, palm sugar (which gave it the brown color).  You mix it all up and drink it al up.  It's all delicious and as close to childhood in a drink as I can get.

It's mix of Indo-Malay style cuisine, and you can get all of one style or the other, and it taste pretty darn good, which you don't exactly expect in a tourist hot spot.  To be honest, alot of restaurants in the market does taste pretty good despite being in a well known tourist spot.  But having your food there and the seating right in front has its charm.  You feel like you can continue your conversation with the owner guy while sitting in front of him, or if you want some privacy, he will let you be and enjoy your meal.  Needless to say, I have plenty of good things to say about this place.   If you park on the Farmer's Market side, they will validate your parking.

Singapore's Banana Leaf
Original Farmers Market
6333 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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