Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whole Foods Market Post Oak - Preview Party

So we were there for the Preview Party at the newest Whole Foods Market on Post Oak & San Felipe.
Fresh flowers that greets you on your way in... they always have great stock and can make awesome arrangements for the holidays.
 They have various stations that feature their departments.  This one is to feature their fish/seafood department that can skinned, debone, smoked any thing, fish, oyster, scallops, you name it, they can do it.
 The next is the meat department, they were featuring sausage, and you will be seeing these guys behind the counter when the store opens.
 There's a crowd... let's be nosy and see what's up...
 Ahhh, no wonder, it's the beer bike (not to be confused with the Rice University event).  They guy was pouring as the bike was moving and making his way around the store.
 Featuring the Cheese Department, they had aged gouda with honey.  It was more concentrated than my taste, but I do know that they have tons of variety to offer.
 This is to feature their bakery is the dessert.  They even feature their brewery for their cheesecake.  It was pretty tasty, though I am no stranger to their bakery and their dessert.
 This Greek Lemon chicken is to feature their Soulavki Grill, they do pita wraps, Greek salads of sorts and pizza is right next to them. 
 Grilled Eggplant with feta and pomegranate, which was interesting that my 15 month old loved it.  Besides the Greek Grill and Pizza oven, they even have a Sushi Counter and a Taco Counter with computer ordering system that you've seen at Buc-ee's.
 Their biggest push was their brewery.  They have no less than 5 brewmasters onsite.  On the side of the brewery is a bar area, where you can have everything on tap.  There are also a pretty big area for seating too.

It was real fun, for the event, they gave out mini beer mugs, lots of beer vendors, milk vendors, juice vendors (which WFM will have their own juice bar and looks like will be catching on to the juice trend). They had local ice cream vendor, popcorn makers and even soap maker.  Their retail for clothing and accessory is in the middle of the store and is larger than you normally see.  Now, this is nowhere close to the mecca in Austin, but this is pretty darn big with tons of seating upstairs.  The store is officially open on November 6 at 8am.  They have their special entrance in garage, which is pretty awesome because each row tells you how many spots there are in the roll, and each spot has a light overhead and it tells you if the spot is occupied or not.  Pretty nifty and taken out the guess work on the parking spot.

1700 Post Oak Blvd
Ste 100
Houston, TX 77056

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