Monday, May 2, 2016

La Table

For my bday dinner, my friend took me to La Table.  Been hearing a lot about them...
 ... and been here many of times as its previous renditions.
 First floor is the bar and a mini market that sell their delicious looking dessert.  Of course, if you wish to dine there, you don't need to get a reservation for that.  Just go early to try your luck.
 For upstairs dining,  you do need to make a reservation.
 This is the Orchard Sangria, which has pear liquor, apple cider, and cinnamon.  You can eat those fruit out of there.... 
This is the amuse bouche, which is a tomato carpaccio.  Not a big fan, it seems like I'm drinking salsa.
 Ordered a dozen oyster.  So, nice and fresh, totally delicious, not slimy at all.  The horseradish sauce is mild and not at all in-your-face-punch.  Just a bit lemon was already refreshing enough.
 I ordered the Lobster Bisque, and they serve it, like so...
 Then they pour the soup base...
 ... and it melts the little flan looking thing together.  The soup base is very nice and thick, not to mention actually taste like it was made with lobsters.  As opposed to posers who uses scraps and add it in later.  
 I got the Hudson Valley Duck Breast, this is medium per chef recommendation.  Let me tell, that was just perfect.  Not chewy, not gamey, and it's just right.  The little bulbs in the middle are turnips.
 Then, it came with potato puree, just the fancier mashed potatoes.  It was very delicious, but by this point, I was already full.  So, had a quick taste, which was good, and I gave up on it.
Here's a hidden Mickey for you...
For Dessert, I got the macaron assortment which has Pistachio, Vanilla, Blood Orange, Chocolate, and Lemon.  I am a bit tougher on critiquing this part.  The macarons, you can taste that they frozen it and thawed it.  The shell are soft, but it was super mushy, and what's worse is that when you lift it up, the top layer shell comes off...  So, I am disappointed for that part.  What would Francois Payard going to say?!

So, definitely make a reservation.  You can use their complimentary valet or park at the back of the building.  The weather is still nice, definitely sit at the patio and enjoy a sangria.  I've seen a lot of people order their chicken, which I guess their popular item.  It's neat because the manager, and only the manager carve the chicken for you.  He first drips the juice onto the vegetable, then carve like a beautiful ballet, for you and your guest.  Oh yeah, usually good for 2-3 people.  But, just how he carved is like watching a conductor conducting the orchestra, it was THAT good.  Order that.  I also advise going early, usually you get better attention and service.

La Table 
6 BLVD Place
1800 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

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