Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kuen Noodle Soup

So we saw a new noodle shop in Chinatown, and was curious...
... Lan Chou is not somewhere I know in  China, but what the heck, we'll give that a shot.
 Very straight forward menu, noodles, some cold dishes, and some snack.  
 I got the Thai Tea (guess Christmas cup was in the order), and Sour Plum Soup tea.  They do have small size, ask for that if you're not up to the challenge.  
 I got the Stew Beef Ramen, it's very similar to the one at Ding Tai Fong.  Here's the difference: the soup base is very light, as opposed to the thicker soup stew.  The meat is very nice and soft, once you chew on it, it immediately falls apart.  The noodle, they definitely made in house.  First of all, there's a window, and you see the chef making the noodle.  Second, it tastes as such too.  Soup is not spicy, it's nice and smooth.  Definitely worth trying.
Green Onion Pancake, one of the best I've ever had in this town.  Can't describe it, it was fresh, and not frozen.  And it wasn't too oily too, which I always appreciated.  It's a MUST TRY!  Just take my word for it.  

The rest of the menu is really noodles, noodles, and more noodles.  We also ordered, the stir fried beef ramen, it comes out very much like the Canton Style Dry Stir Fried Beef Ho Fun, but not so oily, and Ho Fun Noodle is rice based versus the ones here are egg noodles.  Again, it's noodles made in house, so you get the difference.  But you should really try it for yourself.  It's very fresh and different. I will say this, if you were expecting the Japanese Style noodles, this is not.  This is closer to Shanghai style than anything else.  Keep in mind that all the noodles are made in house.  So, pay a visit to see that for yourself at least, you owe it to yourself.  P.S. they do accept credit cards, just not AMEX, you've been warned.

Kuen Noodle Shop
9140 A Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

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