Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Benjy's on Washington

Went out as a group for work plus celebrating one of the coworker's birthday.
I got the kale salad, which I think if you douse anything with lots of parmesan cheese, kale or not, I would gobble it up.  And yes, I gobbled up this one too.
This is their braised short ribs.  Oh my goodness, have you ever tasted anything so good?  Well, comparable, but rare.  You can stick your fork in and it all falls apart.  The sauce was so good, that I just use the rib and soak it up.  The horseradish cream I can do without.  But the smashed peas at the bottom was thick enough that it felt like edamame mashed.  I'm normally not a pea fan, I ate this all up.
For dessert, a few of us shared, it is a donut with vanilla cream with strawberry sauce.  This is interesting because the 'donut' is really thick like a sourdough bread, inside there's a little cream, but it's very dense.  You really have to dip with the cream to soften it up.  That said, the cream is super yummy and not too sweet, if you do all of them in one bit, it comes out very smooth.

When my one of my coworkers brought up that I have a blog, immediately people tend to offer their food for me to take a photo.  I've always have a policy that I only photograph the food that I ate instead of other people's because if I have to write about it, I'd liked to write about my experience instead of what it looks like.  Anybody can photograph a dish, a lot of people can do it much better than I in that regards.  That said, if I didn't taste it, I cannot in good conscious write something good or bad about it.  That's why I don't photograph anybody's food but my own.  Conversely, if I were to post stuff on Instagram or Snapchat, where it's really for the feast of the eye than experience, I would've photographed everyone's food.

Benny's on Washington
5922 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

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