Monday, May 23, 2016

Cafe Brasil

Good morning! Breakfast was in order!
Haven't been to Cafe Brasil forever, it was delightful to be there.  I love the space and the coffee is great.
 I got the hazelnut latte, it was great, don't even need to add any sugar.  Got the bacon, mushroom, and cheddar omelet.  It was nicely done, nothing too much of a pizzazz.  Nice to have fruit and potato and toast to accompany the dish, but by the time I go thru the omelet, I don't have room for much else.  I was nice to just chill and enjoy breakfast.  The space and service lends to that.  If you want a relaxing breakfast, give that a shot.

Cafe Brasil
2604 Dunlavy St
Houston, TX 

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