Monday, May 9, 2016

Bistro Menil - Afternoon Tea

Quick recap of the Mother's Day Tea.  Warning photo heavy!
 Heard about their tea a few months back, was highly curious...
 The menu was full of yummy goodness, don't forget to flip to the back of the choices of tea.
 Soup du jour was a cold garlic mushroom soup.  As our server said, it was good enough to fight off vampires... it's THAT strong.
 I got the Blackberry Italian Soda, soooo good.  Not too sweet, not too creamy, just like a blackberry lemonade with fizz.
 Lovely display of our meal... wow.... good to look at and tasted good too.
 Closer look at the savory course.  How cute of them to making them this way.
We have House Cured Salmon bite with herbed horseradish mascarpone.  I liked this very much and the flavor is awesome and the flavor is awesome and well smoked.  I just don't quite care for the bread, it was a thicker toast with nuts, and I can do without the nuts.
Wild Mushroom with Walnut Pate crostini, the pate could've had more meat taste of it. Overall, it does taste good, the walnut does kick it up a notch, but nuttiness.
Here's a skewer of zucchini ribbon and Jamon Serrano, which is another name for cured ham.  It's pretty much thinly sliced of prosciutto.
Here is the mini BLT with bacon, arugula, and tomato mayo.  It is truly small and tiny.  One bite and you're done.  It's super cute and definitely fun.
 Second layer of dessert.... creme brûlée & brioche sandwich with Nutella, battered and fried.  It's very much like the HK style French Toast.  Too bad, we couldn't finish it right there and then and took it home.  It was a tad soggy by the time we ate it at home.  So make sure you eat it there.
 Chocolate Mousse with a mint cookie on top.  It was so delicious that you can taste all the little chunks of chocolate.  Very smooth and delicious.
It would be weird to have afternoon tea and not have tea.  I chose the Rose & Vanilla tea.  As the server pour it, you can smell it.  As you drink it, you can still smell it.  It was definitely refreshing and a great choice.

It was weird when we were there, looking around, we were the only people ordered the tea.  You do need to reserve and order in advance, since as you can see, they come in special size.  That said, they serve normal brunch menu, which is what I see everyone is doing.  The tea is definitely worth it, and I recommend calling in advance because on a Saturday, that is a super popular spot and may have to wait quite a bit for a table.

Bistro Menil
1513 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77006

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