Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Arturo Boada Cuisine

Went out for a work dinner, and ended up at Arturo Borda
 It was neat to meet the Famous Arturo's Nephew, who is stepping in to help with the family business.    Did not know the Arturo besides Uptown, also had 3 other restaurants at the same time.  Talk about overly ambitious.
 For starter, we got the prosciutto and melon. I just love prosciutto, no complaints here.  
Then there's brarrata with these flat breads.  Not as good as I thought it'd be, but definitely different.
Rigatoni with grilled chicken.  It has mushroom, prosciutto, and the red sauce.  Of course, I had them doused parmesan all over too.  There's not much I don't like if you put that much cheese on there.  But the sauce itself is very nice, the entire dish is delicious.  The chicken definitely has a kick to it. 

The entire restaurant is very intimate, it fits a lot of tables for the space that its in, but it also creates a very European feel.  Every servers there are top notch, know their wines, polite, and service to the nines.  You can even get their private room at no charge, however the room only seats four, so make that a very special people at that table.  That said, reservation is highly recommended for normal dining.

Arturo Borda Cuisine
6510 Del Monte
Houston, TX 

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