Monday, May 16, 2016


Finally made it to the new Ramen stop out on I-10.
With all the waving banner, it was promising.  The inside looks a lot like Jinya, with the large table with the rocks in the middle.  They also have small side booths as well.  
I got the Pork Paitan, Pork broth, pork meat, scallion, onion, nori, and of course noodles.  The noodles itself was nothing special.  The broth was nice, and I can stand it to be thicker and maybe a tad oilier, though I know that's not a common thing for a lot of the diners.  The meat was awesome, it falls apart as you touch it with your chopsticks.  The egg was also one of the better ones I've tasted in months.  The veggie, soup, and noodles proportion was nicely put together.
We've also heard great things about their sushi.  But as you know, a lot of times you're filled up with noodles and soup that you don't have enough room for sushi.  This is definitely a case of eyes bigger than stomach.  We ordered the Lobster Crunch Roll.  You have tempura-ed lobster, crab mix, spicy mayo, eel sauce and a bit hot sauce plus the little crunches.  It was definitely good, not the best I've ever had, but good.

That whole meal was good.  But as you know, you're there for ramen, so between the noodles and soup, you don't have much room for anything else.  The sushi was good, and from hearing other's experience, it deserves to come back just for that.  As a matter of fact, for one page of the menu that's for ramen, the other side is all sushi related.  So, definitely worth coming back of that.

Mikoto Ramen & Sushi Bar
12155 Katy Fwy
(hiding behind Chili's)
Houston, TX 77079

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