Monday, February 1, 2016

Adair Kitchen

Took some time to myself and went to Adair Kitchen for breakfast.
I like the openess of the space, plus that big fan in the middle.
 Got a cup of soy latte.  I wish they used the foam to do some latte art, guess I'm not special enough.  Oh well...
 I got the Chorizo Sausage breakfast with 2 eggs, goat cheese and spinach. 
In case you're curious what it looks like inside.  It was very delicious.  One griddle is enough for one person.  As a matter of fact, I skipped lunch that day, just because it is so filling.

How it works, you walk in, go to the counter, oogle over the baked goods, they will be able to take your order, get you a number.  You go find a seat, then go to the back station to get yourself a drink of water, utensils or whatever else you need.  Good food, quick service, parking is not bad either.  Though, not sure about lunch time situation.  Do go give them a try!

Adair Kitchen
5161 San Felipe
Ste 390
Houston, TX 77056

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