Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hippo Ice

On the rare occasion that I was in Sugarland. I have to stop by Hippo Ice.
This is a small.... I got the Green Tea Shaved Ice with Red Bean topping and Condensed Milk drizzle.
Here's a close up!  The green tea shaved ice tasted like you're drinking the tea itself.  Not too sweet, and you can tell nothing artificial in that ice.  I did remember that the owner once said that they actually brewed the tea, then freeze it into ice block until it's ready to serve.  

So for $4.75 you get a small, which is what I have here.  You get one base ice flavor and they have mango, strawberry, almond, chocolate, coffee, milk tea ...etc.  Then, you get 2 toppings, if you get a large you get 3 toppings.  They have fruit, candy, nuts, jelly, mocha, and red beans...etc.  Drizzles you get one but choose from condensed milk, chocolate sauce, fruit puree or whipped cream.  Of course you can add more for a small up charge.  But the combination is endless.  Of course, it's always best to share the deliciousness with someone.  

Hippo Ice
3737 Hwy 6
Sugar land, TX

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