Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pappas Burger

Went to Pappa's Burger for a business lunch.  
 It's nice that they serve quality burger at a casual setting.
I got the Mushroom Swiss Burger with Sweet Potato Fries.  The burger arrived and looking at it, I was already stuffed.  The burger is huge and meat pattie is huge, and with the mushroom, lettuce all sticking out, I already felt huge.  Not to mention the sweet potato fries, they put just the right amount of salt, so you're busy eating that and your burger.  About half way I had to waive my white flag and give up.  Man, that was a lot of food.

If you've never been, how it works is that you walk up to the counter, order what you'd like.  They give you a ticket, then you go and find your seat.  They will then have a server takes over.  It's unusual to have a half self-serve and half full-service type place, but they make it work and the diners don't have any complaint.  It's kinda nice, you don't have to wait to be seated, you find what you like, and you don't have to wait till your server is ready before you can order.  You can just order and sit.  And of course, they can help you with your tab as well.  Just make sure to avoid the peak lunch hour, there's no parking to be had and you have to wait for a seat too.  Luckily, as soon as people finish, they leave to make room for the new group of diners.  It all worked out nicely.

Pappas Burger
5815 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77056

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