Monday, February 22, 2016

Ramen-ya Katana

Landed in Vegas, and my friend was craving Ramen... thanks to Yelp, we found a place on the Strip  with great review.
This is really a hole in the wall.  It is located in the outdoors shops in front of Bally's Casino, and it's not obvious either, it's hidden in one of the side lanes of shops.
True Ramen-Ya Katana, ran by Japanese American owner.  She has a few staff with the open kitchen and a runner.  Menu is simple but offers 4 kinds of Ramen, 3 types of Curry, 1 other rice dish, 8 types of sushi rolls, and 4 types of appetizers.  
I got the Shoyu Raman with double chashu (pork).  As you can see, they are pretty generous with the soup.  Obviously they've got egg noodles, pork, tempura seaweed and cilantro and egg.  The egg is a hard boiled egg, instead of the 60 degree egg.  The pork is good, but you can tell it was not cooked with the soup, because it tasted very separated.  The noodles taste like the sun noodle, which has a bit of elasticity but not soft enough if they don't cook it long enough.  

For less than $9, they have tons in a bowl.  Just a note, there's not a lot of seating for you, so grab what you can.  They do have a quick turnaround and I can smell the curry from the time I pay to the time I sit down.  What I love too is that they have Japanese soda there.  I haven't had some for a long time, and it's a rare treat.

Ramen-ya Katana
3615 Las Vegas S
Ste 109
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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