Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pappadeaux - IAH

On my way out of town, and have some time to kill.  Figured might as well grab lunch.
I love going to Pappadeaux at the Airport.  It's located at Terminal E. 
For a quick yummy lunch: I got Shirley Temple, Lobster Bisque, and Dirty Rice.  I love their lobster bisque has tons of lobster meat.  No one can match them yet.  The Dirty Rice has some spicy in there, but not too spicy that I can't handle.  

The beauty of coming here, you get served quickly and you can dash out to your gate quickly.  I will say, almost any time I come here, they are packed.  But since they serve you so quick that it doesn't take very long to get a table.  No more than 15 mins wait that I've been.  Now, granted, you may not have 15 mins to spare sometimes, but the Pappa franchise has a Pappasito down at the food court, for a quick to-go.

Pappadeaux at IAH
3950 N. Terminal Rd
Houston, TX 77032

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