Friday, September 30, 2011

Petite Sweet

In case you've been under the rock, Fridays should always be designated for macaron. After we got back into town, I can't wait to go check out Petite Sweet. I have been stalking them when I drive down on West Alabama.

How can you not like a place that's full of sweet things? And that place is nice and clean and awesome. They have listed what they have to offer on the window... and yes, they have macarons, mini cupcakes, frozen custard, cake balls, marshmallow, coffee, French Lemonade... too much goodness to name.
First of all, this is a macaron haven. This is the only place that I've seen to have the most macarons for sell at one place. They have so many flavors and plenty of them in their case, beautifully displayed, and plenty of them available. This is the only place that are willing to sell these precious cookies in a reasonable price and making them available.

They have your standard flavors: chocolate, vanilla, pistachio. They also have mocha, blueberry, pumpkins, peanut butter. And while some reviews out there were criticizing that their shapes are not uniformed. Personally, I think that is what gave them the personality and characteristics. It's telling me that it's not machine made, and it's made with love.

Not only that, I have to say for $1.75 a cookie, it really delivered quality. Instead of 'cheating' and just slap some jam or preserve on it, they really put the flavor in the shell and the buttercream which not only bring out the flavor, it lasted well in the case. Unlike Sweet in City Centre, whose shell was uniformed, but they put jam as the filling and did not put in a cold case to keep them together. So, they may do well with cupcakes and other pastries and they're willing to try out some exotic flavors in terms of the macarons fillings, I have them melt and move on me before.
So, what makes these macs so different? First of all, these are made by the aunt of the owner, Luke. Susan Molzan is not only the pastry chef for Ruggles with all these awards and awesome tasting desserts; she is also the fierce bakers behind Petite Sweet here. So yes, these macarons aren't uniformed in shape but the quality is unrival to the others out there.

I think alot of times people underestimate how difficult it is to make these cute little desserts. Not only do ingredients and techniques has to be just so, just to keep it together long enough to serve is no easy task. Macarons has to be kept cool until it's ready to serve. For a place like Sweet who uses jam and don't put it in the cold case in Texas, the heat melts off the jam and it doesn't get a chance to congeal and hold the shells together. In comparison to Petite Sweet which use buttercream which automatically already get more 'glue' sticking the shells together and chilling them in the cold case until you're ready to eat, you know it's kept fresh longer and nothing sticky on your hand when you handle them.

I can keep going, trust me. But don't take my word for it, go check it out yourself.

Petite Sweet
2700 W. Alabama (at Westheimer)
Houston, TX 77098

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