Thursday, June 22, 2017


Thursday in Houston is a great evening for free museums.  While that's true, if you want to see some headlining shows, you do need to pay.  But for hungry tummies, you can go grab a taco after you get some culture.
Embedded in a medical building, Bodega Taco Shop is between Museum of Fine Arts and the Bicycle Museum/Childrens Museum/ and Health Science Museum.  Not to mention, within blocks from Hermann Park and Natural Science Museum.  Thursday night, this joint is busy.
For $9.95, you can get tacos and drinks that comes with rice and beans.  I got the pulled pork.  It's better than Chipotle, let's say, but not better than a good taco truck.  But it comes with 3 tacos that is piled on with meat, veggie, pico, and rice.  What more do you want?

I will say, this is not my first visit here, after all, my doctor is in the same building.  That said, this is the first time I saw a little unwelcome friend crawling on the counter.  It had me worried there for a little.  I understand, no kitchen is fully immaculate, but it does makes me wonder.  Since I don't frequent there, perhaps it's not so much a concern, but it does makes me wonder about a lot of establishments...  

Bodega Taco Shop
1200 Binz #160
Houston, TX 77004

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