Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ramen Tatsu-ya

Went back to Ramen Tatsu-ya, this time no wait... 
...and even parking in the parking lot on the side.
They're running a special on yuzu lemonade, you can make it virgin or not.  But let me tell you, having the virgin version this can easily be made into the alcoholic version and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  It is a good summer drink, I'll say.  The stuff not the rim is like a salt but purple.
Got the original plus the extra char siu.  In reality, I just really wanted one more slice but since they came in 2 slices, just have to 'endure' it.  Haha.  The soup base is thick and it's decent.  The noodles is the typical Sun noodles that is widely used by Ramen shops around town.  To my knowledge, I only know of Samurai and Tiger Den that make their own noodles, everyone else uses Sun Noodles.  So, what really makes the ramen dish stand out would be the soup.  This one definitely have some texture to it.  And after mixing it up and enjoying it with the noodle and all the fixin's, everything pretty much neutralizes.  I liked the egg, wish they gave me the other half, but having the extra meat really is more than enough.

They were super quick with serving us.  By the time we were seated, our ramen came out before our edamame did.  Talk about fast!  Like I said, we got thru no problem, no wait.  Parked on the provided lot got in and out no issues.  Even though it's really tucked in behind DaMarco's, you cannot miss the giant Neko (cat).  Don't forget to read signs if you're going to park on the street.

Ramen Tatsu-ya
1722 California St
Houston, TX 77006

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