Monday, February 20, 2017

Ramen Tatsu-ya

So we were crazy enough to stand in line during the soft opening of Ramen Tatsu-ya.
 We actually were in line for almost 3 hours.  So, the ultimate question would be, is it worth it.
 The inner decor is hip and the lamp cover does looks very much like ramen.
 For starter, we got sweet and sour (yodas) aka brussel sprouts.  It would definitely go great with beer.  It does start as sour but once you ate it, it does taste sweet.  Of course, at the bottom of the bowl, it gets more sour, so look out.
 I got the Tonkotsu Original - the soup is nice and smooth.  The pork is nicely done, doesn't take much for it to fall apart.  Once you mix it all up, it's very nice.  The egg, however, I do have some problem with.  It was in soy sauce a bit too much and the sweet part of it was too sweet.  I like my 60 degree egg to be a bit more non-sweet.  Over all, I like it, the soup is nice and smooth.  The noodles is good and right elasticity.  The pork is delicious.
To end the night, we got the Gotcha Matcha.  It has green tea (aka Matcha) pudding, with some crunchy sesame mix with blackberry and puree.  It is delicious, the key is to mix it all up.  And the pudding is like a matcha/vanilla ice cream mix, but if you get a berry into your bite, the entire thing together is awesome.  

Ramen Tatsu-ya
1722 California St
Houston, TX 77006

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saiyaman said...

totally agree with you on the egg!