Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whiskey Cake

Drove out to Katy to meet up for a friend's birthday,
 ... and birthday girl's choice was Whiskey Cake.
 When I sat down it was still Happy Hour, so heck, I'm going to get me a honey crisp cider to start.
 Couple of the starter appetizers: this is the dips and spreads trio.  It came with the house made kettle chips, and just the chips alone are delicious, I just cannot stop myself.  The spreads/dips are, house onion dip (not bad), edamame hummus (it was a tad thick to dip my chips in), and pimento cheese (yummo).
 Then, I got 2 Thai Pork Belly Sliders, this was not at all rich but yet very filling.  The port belly was done right, not too fatty but not chewy either.  With the pickled veggies and the sweet chili sauce, it was not at all sour but has a great zing.  Had I known it was so good, I would've just gotten this as dinner.
Ironically, I came all the way here for a bowl of ramen.  It is pork broth based, but since it's spicy they put a lot of sirracha in there.  The pork is done fine, meat/fat portion is not good, but it's soft and good part of the pork, cannot complaint.  They did just slide couple slices of seaweed, was all damp by the time it got to the table.  No 60 degree egg, nor would I have expected that.  The noodles is not the typical sun noodles, but it's more like a shanghai style egg noodles.  Since the soup has good texture I forgave them for the noodles.  I think because they don't put themselves out to be 'the Ramen spot', I don't judge them too harsh on that.  That said, it has more texture and flavor than some places I've been.   I'm glad that overall, being not 'true' ramen and all, they delivered something good, and sometimes that's all an eater wants.

Service is good, it does get packed after 6pm, which is why they do ask for a reservation.  However, there are plenty of room for the bar, which is pretty much the center of the dining space.  They also has wide array of wine, beer, cocktails to choose from, there's bound to be something for everyone.  Great, well lit parking area, feel safe even though it's right next to the Beltway and some fields.

Whiskey Cake Katy
23139 Grand Circle Blvd
Katy, TX 77449

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