Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Table 57

Did you know that there is a Jazz Brunch at Table 57?
 Fresh squeeze orange juice, you can feel the pulp.  
For the meal, I had Chimichurri Hash with eggs sunny side up.  The egg is all nice and green with feta cheese.  At the bottom, it has diced sweet potato, sausage, onion, kale and spinach.  It all comes together nicely.  It was interesting that my hash came sooner than a breakfast taco.  

We went there because they have a Jazz Band playing, not to mention, they have a play area on the side.  Not to mention, the food is good and fresh.  Music, patio, play area, and good food, and you can go do grocery right after, why not?!

Table 57
5895 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77057

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