Tuesday, February 7, 2017


As mild of a Winter we've been having in Houston.  
The one day that got 'chili' enough, I decided to go get a bowl of Ramen.
I started with Agadashi Tofu, it's a tad more toasted than I'm used to.  The ponzu sauce is good, but it was really really toasted and the sauce doesn't have a chance to soak it up.
Here's the ramen.  The egg was too cold in the middle.  One bite, the yolk was oozing out.  As opposed to marinated soft boil eggs, where the yolk would have been custard like texture.  The noodle and broth is really nothing you didn't expect from a non-ramen only place.  They used Sun Noodle, and the broth is a decent, but not warm enough for me.

The noodles also comes with duck, mushroom, veggie, and fish cake.  The veggie is nice and cooked, definitely help balance things out.  However, the duck, it is not dry or chewy, rather moist, not tough. It was pretty good.  Fish cake is really what it is.  But, let's just say it was better than some place down the street.

5600 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77005

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