Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NAO Ramen House

Went back to NAO for a mommy's dinner.  I thoroughly enjoy the company, and just wish the food would match.
 This time I went on a weekday night, and had hope that my experience would be different from the last.
 We ordered starters with edamame and Kyoto Fries, which has eel sauce, mayo, bacon, scallion, and seaweed flakes.  That was pretty much the highlight of my night, it was delicious, and really addictive.  It was that good.
For ramen dish, I ordered beef shoyu this time.  Beef broth, steak, veggie, 63 degree egg and I added fish cake.   Sadly, the food experience was not good either.  Everything is 'cooked' per se, the steak (as you can see here) it's a tad red still.  The noodle is cooked fine, nothing special to it.  Sadly the broth has no taste, I mean, you can barely taste the salt and that's about it.  Once you've had Agu's & Ninja's broth and how rich it tastes, you can tell the fakes quickly.

While I enjoyed the fries tremendously, it's not enough for me to come back after 2 attempts of bad experience on the food.  I know the place will work for a while despite of the quality, mainly due to location.  But, don't let them fool you.  There are great ramen out there.  Just because it's convenient in the Rice Village, doesn't mean you have to suffer subpar quality.

NAO Ramen House
5510 Morningside
Ste 120
Houston, TX 77005

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