Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Went to Happy Hour with a friend before a show downtown.
Haven't been back to Azuma for a while.  Not on purpose, but I'm not close to the Sugarland location where you get that nice view of the lake.  The parking in the Village location can be hectic, and since I don't work downtown anymore, there's no reason for me to head to that location either.  Just that it's a quick and good bite before a show, and it worked out perfectly.
Unagi roll - eel, cucumber and eel sauce.
Spicy salmon roll
Sashimi sampler which had tuna, salmon, and white fish, with a soy based spicy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and forgot the last sauce.
Was super curious with the curry fries, and amazingly, it was delicious.  It is the Japanese style curry and it has the crispy fries, and you dip it.  It is much like the potato you get from the curry over rice, except with a crunch.  It was delicious!  

Entire meal didn't cost too much because it was happy hour.  My friend knows everyone there, this was practically her 'Cheers', where everybody knows your name.  I did have a glass of wine, and the happy hour wine list is not bad either, I just happen to get someone off of the regular wine list.  Totally worth going.

Azuma Susah & Robata Bar
909 Texas Street
Houston, TX 77002

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