Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Killen STQ

Good friend of mine and I are so far behind on birthday, Xmas, new year that we finally decided to sit down for a proper meal.
 She picked Killen STQ on Voss by San Felipe.  It was at the same space as the former Bramble.
 For starter, we got the smoked pork belly with cherry habanero bbq.  All I can say is that, you've never had pork belly this delicious with texture, mix with good portion of fat and meat ever... OMG, to die for.
 For my entree, I ordered the true Wagyu beef, not the one that called themselves one, but a true one from Japan.  I've never had that before, so got a 4oz.  Don't think 4oz is nothing, that was super filling. So much so that I didn't want to eat the next day.  If you have a bite, the fat is melting in your mouth before you even need to chew anything.  On top of that, the medium rare is perfect for this type of meat.  If you were to eat one bite of this, and one bite of American steak, you would come to realized that the difference between texture, quality, and feel is night and day.
 One cannot live on beef alone, so we got couple of sides to share.  Got the brussels sprouts, not bad, there are bits that are crunchy, I can stand for it to be a tad more salty, but some of the bitter did came thru.
 Traditionally, I get the potato au gratin when I do steak, even though we were eyeing that mac and cheese pretty hard, but figured that's a lot of food.  The au gratin has a nice layer of cheese crusted on top, the potato is in a creamy sauce in the middle.  Nice and cheese when you take it out.
For dessert, we ordered the bacon tres leches bread pudding.  So decadent.  The bacon is more like butter on top of the bread pudding, the tres leches helped make it creamy and soft.  It was delicious.  

Entire meal, did not have anything that's not good.  Everything is awesome, of course the spot light, Wagyu beef was the highlight of the night.  But the Bread Pudding delivered a great and pleasant surprise.  A lot of people stayed away because they think bacon, but really, just added some fat to the dessert, it's not at all bacon over takes the dish.  Even though we were filled up to the rim, we still have to order the dessert, just in case they change the menu before we come back.  

Service is great, attentive but not pretentious.  Our reservation was at 5:30p and they did say, they do not hold tables.  If you're 5mins late, they'll accommodate, but 15mins late, they may ask you to try another night.  By 6:30p the entire place was packed, so do make a reservation.

Killen STQ
2231 S. Voss Rd
Houston, TX 77057

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